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50 years of proprietary seed development. Decades of consistent, true-to-taste quality.


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About ofi's Onion

Where is onion cultivated?

ofi Spices’ onions are grown and processed in-house in the U.S., with over 75 years of proprietary seed development, decades of consistent true-to-taste quality and seed to factory traceability.

We are the world’s largest provider of dried onion, offering a comprehensive product line with the widest range of fractions, treatments and packaging available. As the industry leader in quality, our onions deliver uniform piece distribution and integrity.

Applications of bulk onion

So, what can onions be used for? Onions have many applications, including:

  • Add chopped onions to soups, sauces and stews for fresh flavor
  • Diced onions make great additions to dips, condiments
  • Rehydrate chopped onion pieces too add on sandwiches, burgers and pizza
  • Granulated onion powder can be used like salt in dressings and marinades
  • Minced onions can be added to hamburger patties, sausages, meatballs, meat substitute and more for flavorful texture and taste

History of Onion

For over 5,500 years, onions have been a primary vegetable all over the world. Originating in central Asia, scientists believe the onion was domesticated by Babylonians in central Asia, the Middle East, and countries like Iran and West Pakistan. As soon as organized onion cultivation started, many civilizations became dependent on the flavorful, durable, and easy-to-grow onion. Onions also have many medicinal properties, such as containing antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, which has made it very beneficial across history.

As the cultivation of onions spread to the four corners of the globe, it has been widely grown in many different soil types and regions throughout the world. In fact, according to some records, onions were the first vegetable ever to be planted in North America by the colonists.

Types of bulk onion

Are you looking for ways to incorporate onion on a larger scale? There are several products to help you get started. 

Onion Chopped: Our bulk onion chopped is grown in the Western United States and has a fresh onion taste delicious in any cuisine. Made from white onion and chopped into ¼ inch to ½ pieces and dried, it’s the perfect addition when you want a noticeable onion taste. Shop Bulk Onion Chopped Today 

Onion Diced ¼” 1MM: Our bulk onion diced is grown in the Western United States and chopped into 1⁄4-inch pieces and dried. Ideal for use in dips or condiments in place of fresh onions. Shop Bulk Onion Diced ¼” 1MM Today 

Onion Granulated: Our bulk onion granulated is made with white onion grown in the Western United States and is known for its fresh and lively onion flavor. With the consistency of table salt, this product is dried and ground and is perfect for building fresh onion flavor into many dishes and cuisines. Shop Bulk Onion Granulated Today 

Onion Minced: Cut into ⅛ inch pieces and dried, our bulk onion minced is grown in the Western United States and includes a bold onion taste. With the texture of finely-minced onions, it’s ideal as a replacement for fresh onion in sauces and dressings. Shop Bulk Onion Minced Today 

Onion Minced 100K: With a lively fresh taste, our bulk onion minced is made with white onions grown in the Western United States. This product is dried and cut into 1/8-inch pieces and makes an excellent replacement for fresh onion in sauces and dressings. Shop Bulk Onion Minced 100K Today.

Onion Powder Special: Made with white onion grown in the Western United States, this bulk onion powder is dried and ground into a fine powder. Perfect for adding fresh onion taste to mandy different cuisines and dishes, this onion powder also dissolves well into liquids and sauces. Shop Bulk Onion Powder Special Today  

Onion Granulated, Organic: Our bulk organic granulated onion is grown in the Western United States and processed to the highest certification standards at our facility in Fernley, Nevada. With the consistency of table salt, this bulk onion is excellent for incorporating fresh onion flavor in all-organic products such as dressings, sauces, and marinades. 

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