What is ofi?

About us:

ofi is a vertically integrated global producer and supplier of food and beverage ingredients. We operate at the forefront of consumer trends to provide food & beverage manufacturers with products and ingredients that will delight their consumers. Our team enjoys working closely with our customers, sharing our fresh ideas to inspire new concepts - making it real at every step, from plant to palate. Furthermore, we are a leading food and beverage supplier for cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices' ingredients. 

Throughout our manufacturing capabilities and innovation expertise with our products, ofi is a leader in supplying global, regional, and small-to-medium sized businesses with natural ingredients for their food and beverage applications. Our organization grows, sources, operates, and sells globally. We remain invested in origins, while we keep building capacity in destination markets. Across the world, we bring sustainability, safety, and integrity to the table. 

ofi is constantly looking ahead.

We plan to expand the production and origination of key products in major origins so we can continue to serve our customers and exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves on sustainable growth, and ofi has committed long-term investments to ensure the sustainability of our global supply chain. This approach underpins our continued ability to deliver a high degree of food safety, traceability, sustainability, product integrity, and overall value to our customers.

ofi offers a comprehensive range of sustainable, full-flavored ingredients + provide our customers with innovative solutions.

We work directly with growers, process our products close to where they’re grown, and have built a sophisticated worldwide distribution network over the many years we’ve been operating. Currently, shop.ofi.com offers a unique portfolio of nuts and spices ingredients for use across the food and beverage industry.

Supply Chain Management

With ownership and/or active engagement at every stage of our global supply chain, we offer unparalleled traceability and product security. We believe that our approach to supply chain management can ensure our customers receive the highest quality product while also reducing our consumption of natural resources and enriching the communities in which we operate.



ofi is committed to the longterm investment in the sustainability of our supply chains. It is our mission to positively impact farmer livelihoods, the environment and the communities where we operate. Using AtSource, we can provide full traceability while tracking environmental and social metrics.


The culinary and innovation experts in our IQ Centers understand cuisines, health trends, convenience factors and consumer behaviors. ofi leverages these insights so that you can spend less time searching for the right ingredient and more time fine-tuning your final product.


As a vertically integrated supplier with sourcing, processing and/or farming operations in all key producing origins, ofi provides a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients. Our customers have access to weekly and monthly market reports written by our nuts and spices' experts to help them make the best purchasing decisions.


Excellence to us means offering the safest, most flavorful, high-quality ingredients that are sure to meet your spec requirements. ofi's manufacturing facilities are GFSI-BRC certified and offer Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free, non-GMO and organic-certified products.


ofi strives to be a leading food and beverage manufacturer in our space, which is why we have developed a wide range of ingredients that exceed our competitors in terms of flavor, safety, and sustainability. Plus, we offer all our customers incredible value and swift delivery—regardless of the industry in which you work, you will be equipped with the ingredients you use most right when you need them.


Thriving farms and farmers are essential to ofi's future. Our team of experts work directly with our smallholder and large-scale farmers across the globe to help them be more efficient, economically sound and viable for generations to come.


ofi employees participate in the "Forest to Farm" project

What does sustainability mean to ofi?

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