New Name, Same Spices: Introducing Spices by ofi

December 2021

Olam Spices is officially “Spices by ofi,” – with ofi standing for olam food ingredients. This change comes with no difference in the quality of our products. Our spices will still be as flavorful and sustainably sourced, as ever.

However, this rebrand does signify a shift in the way we present our products to our customers. We are changing the way we speak about our products, our brands and our mission, to paint a clearer picture of our ingredients, sourcing and innovative efforts to remain sustainable.

In the words of our Chief Marketing Officer, Briony Mathieson, this re-brand will help ofi, “deliver on three critical areas: giving greater clarity about… how we can support our customers’ growth; unifying and inspiring the ofi team to keep innovating across the business to create more customer value and helping all other stakeholders and civil society to understand better the role we play on the ground in delivering various sustainability programs and catalyzing real impact.”

Meeting the Demands of a Changing Market

Demand in the food and beverage industry has changed over the past several years. Consumers want natural, healthy and responsibly sourced ingredients. They want to know where their food is coming from and how it’s made.

We have always had positive relationships with our growers and consistently strive to maintain a sustainable supply chain, whether it’s with cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts or spices. With ofi, we want to spread the word about these practices a little wider – making sure people know that we are a company that produces food ingredients of the highest quality.

The Opportunity for Innovation

ofi brings together five of Olam’s ingredient businesses under the same roof. This grouping means that we are combining products and expertise across ofi’s entire portfolio. This can lead to the co-creation of new and innovative products.

In fact, marrying the demand for healthy food and beverage products with the demand for sustainable and earth-friendly ingredients is a large part of ofi’s future. By taking the waste of one farmer and turning it into the newest superfood on the market, ofi helps growers utilize more of their crop, while meeting the demand for on-trend, healthy products.

In 2022, ofi will be opening up two Customer Solutions Centers, one in Chicago and one in Europe, for the purposes of continuing this line of innovative thinking.

It All Starts with the Farmers

The ofi re-brand also serves as a signal that, as a company, we have been and always will be dedicated patrons of the earth. Agriculture today is facing some of the world’s biggest developmental and environmental challenges, which is reflected in the increase in consumer demand for products that have a net positive impact on people and the planet.

That’s why ofi is placing a continual emphasis on the importance of supporting the farmers and communities that are at the heart of ofi’s products and services. Dedicated to helping our customers reach their net-zero goals, our AtSource platform provides an overhead view of supply chains, with all the tools needed to understand environmental impact and propel meaningful, sustainable action.

 The Future of ofi 

ofi signals a shift in our mission and messaging that has been evident in our practices and supply chains for years: our company is innovating and sourcing to support a change in favor of sustainability and a healthy future.

ofi products are as high in quality as they ever have been – overseen by the same experts and running through the same, sustainable supply chains as they have been in past years. But our identity and messaging has changed to focus on our mission to provide ingredients that are healthy for people and healthy for the planet.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this new era of Spices by ofi.

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