US Grown Farm Spotlight: Garlic

March 2022

Located in King’s County, California, Stone Land Company was founded in 1948 by Jack G. Stone. Hailed as the safest, cleanest garlic in the world, Stone Land Co. uses drip irrigation to save water and satellite imagery to identify field hotspots in order to produce a sustainably grown crop.

Farm Spotlight: Stone Land Company

Today, the farm remains family-owned and employs approximately 60 full-time employees and over an additional 200 seasonally. Tony Azevedo credits Stone Land Co's success in growing garlic and the company's other crops, to founder Jack Stone, son Bill Stone, general manager of the vast operation; and others, including the people "behind the scenes."


In our California garlic supply chain, we work with growers who invest in new technologies to shape the future of the industry and partner with leading environmental organizations to incorporate regenerative practices on their farms.


When it comes to flavor, California garlic is unmatched. Don't just take our word for it - a blind taste test from sensory experts determined that recipes that used California garlic powder were more flavorful than the applications that used the Chinese variety


Our California garlic is available through AtSource, ofi’s comprehensive, sustainable sourcing solution. Using AtSource, we are able to measure social and environmental impact, while connecting our customers to the source of their garlic supply.


We prevent cross-contact and contamination by ensuring our garlic is not grown in close proximity to peanut fields and we operate our own processing facilities, where we do not allow any of the major allergens on the premises.

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