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Bulk Granulated Garlic FAQ's

Whether you need roasted or organic granulated garlic, we have your organization covered with our selection of wholesale granulated garlic products. Garlic is a flavorful and nutritious ingredient, and granulated garlic provides a convenient way to add concentrated garlic flavor and health benefits to any beverage or food.

Spices by ofi leads in supplying bulk granulated garlic to organizations across the country. No matter the items you add to your order, you will receive quality products right when you need them most. Have any questions about our products or ordering process? Schedule a call with one of our advisors today!

What are the benefits with garlic and livestock?

Garlic is a natural organic ingredient that can be used in cow feed to deter flies away. Flies can cause disease and irritation in the growth process costing a cattle raiser valuable margins in their profits. Garlic can emit an order through the skin and mouth,when digested, while also giving flavor to regular feed.

What is the difference between granulated garlic and garlic powder?

One of the main advantages of granulated garlic is how seamlessly it combines with liquids. It has the consistency of table salt, which makes it less likely for the garlic to clump in a recipe where you would use garlic as a main ingredient, such as marinara sauce or chicken broth. While there are many advantages of garlic powder, the one that tops the list is that it has the capability to mix discreetly into recipes while still bringing flavor.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between granulated garlic and garlic powder read our quick guide.

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