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Whole Peppercorns

A staple in any kitchen – pepper. Whether you are adding whole peppercorns to a sauce or marinade, or cracking fresh through a pepper mill, the greatest pepper experience starts with the best whole peppercorn. This spice, in whole peppercorn form, retains the natural oils that bring the blaring heat, spice, and pungency you know and love. OlamSpices.com offers the best options to purchase white and black pepper in bulk online. Our inventory of unique and high-quality ingredients ensures you’ll find the pepper that fits your culinary needs.

Peppercorn FAQs

How is black pepper made?

At the beginning of the pepper journey, you will find this spice living as a berry on the Piper nigrum plant. The berries are picked fresh from the vine at different ripeness depending on the desired strength of pepper and type of pepper. The berries are then fermented and dried until they resemble the whole peppercorn we sell here on olamspices.com!

Can I substitute black pepper for white pepper?

Black and white peppercorns vary in flavor profile from the way they are processed and created. After being picked from the vine, white peppercorns undergo fermentation and have their outer skin removed, which removes oils that provide flavor. Because of this processing difference you typically find white peppercorn to be much more mild in flavor. If the recipe you call for is only using a small amount of white pepper you can usually get away with substituting black pepper. For larger recipes, consider using less black pepper than is called to account for the difference in flavor profiles.

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