Bulk Hazelnuts

We are a leading supplier of natural and semi-finished hazelnut products grown by farmers in Turkey. We offer a range of hazelnut varieties and kernel sizes to develop new ingredients for confectionery, baking, ice creams and other applications in the food and beverage industry. These include natural, roasted, blanched, diced, and paste ingredients - carefully produced to retain flavor, texture and aroma. Easily shop our premium and sustainable bulk hazelnuts and wholesale hazelnuts below!

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About our Hazelnuts

ofi is setting its sustainability targets for 2030 across its supply chain in Turkey, where 70% of the world’s hazelnuts come from. With a focus on eliminating child labor and improving working conditions for thousands of seasonal migrant workers, "Hazelnut Trail" also offers more transparency for consumers. Starting with safe and decent work, "Hazelnut Trail" consists of commitments around education, diversity, and climate action. Download our "Hazelnut Trail" to learn more!

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