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We are one of world's largest growers of almonds with extensive orchards in Australia and California. We deliver fresh almonds year-round to customers worldwide. Furthermore, we offer a broad range of quality bulk almonds and wholesale almonds in a variety of shapes, sizes, and granulations that are excellent for your business needs.

Easily shop our wide selection of bulk almonds and wholesale almonds below for use across the food and beverage industry.

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About our Almonds

We are one of world's largest growers of almonds with extensive orchards in Australia and California. As a leading almond supplier, we deliver year-round fresh almonds and almond ingredients to businesses worldwide. Our processing operations in Mildura, Australia, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and in the USA (California) provide multiple ingredient forms, enabling control over every stage of the production process. At our vast orchards in Australia and the USA (California), we implement the latest agronomy practices. We incorporate high levels of mechanisation to ensure we produce excellent yields of quality, flavoursome almonds with the best environmental footprint. Read more about how we're expanding the trail to more sustainable almonds by downloading our "Almond Trail" e-book. 

More about our nut flours and nut protein powders

ofi’s nut protein powders and nut flours are made from the finest quality almonds and cashews. With its gluten-free properties, nutrient density and neutral taste, it is an excellent substitute for conventional flour in premium snacking formats, pastries and desserts. Our nut flours come in a variety of grinds to meet your application needs from coatings to crusts.

Nut flours are an excellent alternative to traditional, wheat-based grain flours for consumers looking for healthier ingredients. As they're gaining popularity and whether you’re making paleo, keto, grain-free or gluten-free products , or reformulating for improved taste and texture, nut flours are delicious, sustainable and versatile. 

To learn more about our broad range of nut flours and how each can benefit you, download our informative "Nut Flours" e-book HERE!

Demand for plant-based proteins is on the rise. Thanks to their attractive nutritional profile, nuts are often a key ingredient used in gluten-free/grain-free baked goods, dairy alternatives in beverages and meat alternatives. Furthermore, nuts provide a clean, pleasant taste that is 
often lacking in other plant-based proteins.

To learn more about our broad range of innovative nut-based protein powders and how each can benefit you, download our informative "Nut Protein Powders" e-book HERE!

More about our organic almonds

ofi produces organic nut ingredients for use across the food and beverage industry. With our commitment to the highest standards of quality, they are produced and processed with the utmost care using certified farming methods.

Did you know that there are different kinds of organic almonds? Almonds come in a variety of shapes, and sizes. Each almond has its own unique way of being used. We offer the varieties highlighted below and more!

Nonpareil: The Nonpareil variety – representing 40% of California’s total almond production – has the widest range of uses. This variety is the most popular because of its appearance. The Nonpareil is blemish-free with a thin outer shell and smooth kernel, making it used widely as a snacking nut, and anywhere an attractive appearance is demanded.

Carmel: The Carmel varieties are ideal for snacking because of their appearance. Their wrinkled surfaces make these varieties ideal for flavor enhancements and coatings. They are usually long, narrow, large kernels that are lightly colored. All Carmel varieties also classify as California varieties.

California: The California Type varieties are typically described as adaptable and most appropriate for virtually any process or application. With a wide range of kernel shapes, skin color, and surface characteristics, California varieties are suitable for blanching and can be used in manufactured ingredients.

Mission: The Mission varieties are often characterized as having great attributes for products in which you want to enhance flavor adherences. Their kernels are usually hard, small, wide, and often plump. Because of their kernel tips, these varieties are not recommended for blanching. Missions are usually found in roasted products where small sizes are desired.

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