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Chopped Garlic FAQs

Spices by ofi leads in offering bulk chopped garlic to a variety of organizations across the country. Shop our wholesale chopped garlic now, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our advisors if you have any questions.

What is the difference between minced and chopped garlic?

Basically it comes down to the size of the garlic pieces. Chopped garlic pieces are slightly larger than minced garlic pieces. Minced garlic pieces are about the same size as grains of couscous. Roughly 1/16th of an inch in diameter. Chopped garlic pieces, on the other hand, are about twice the size of minced garlic. Chopped garlic has slightly less bite than minced garlic.

Think of it this way... the smaller the garlic pieces, the more intense the flavor profile. That’s because more surface area is exposed to the rest of the dish when there are more pieces. When cooking, crushed garlic could be better if you are looking to add it towards the end of the recipe to give a stronger, more raw garlic taste, and chopped garlic is better for being subtle and accentuating other flavors. Chopped garlic will also take slightly longer to cook, you can leave it cooking for longer periods of time without it burning.

Chopped garlic is usually visible in the final product, and is popular with bakeries (bagels and breads as well as pizzas). Minced would be more appropriate for rustic blends, like steak seasoning and sauces. Typically speaking, because of it’s versatility and higher availability, minced is more commonly used and available.

How do you store chopped garlic?

In a sealed container. If dehydrated, you’ll want to keep it away from moisture to avoid clumping. If it’s packed in water, you’ll want to keep it in a sealed container and refrigerate it.

How long does chopped garlic last?

If properly sealed, dehydrated chopped garlic can last upwards of a year. If fresh and sealed in water, that shelf life is less than half, or about 3 months.

How to keep chopped garlic fresh?

One clove of garlic produces approximately 1 teaspoon of chopped, dehydrated garlic.

Can I freeze chopped garlic?

Yes, the best way is to freeze it in zip lock bags, but freeze it in thin rectangles so you can break off pieces and re-freeze.

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