Summer Spices For Any Dish

June 2022

Summer offers plenty of opportunities to cook something new–not to mention you get to pull out your seasonal favorites again. Why not dress these dishes up? We curated a list of the best summer spices and herbs, and each of these will effortlessly transform your dishes this season.

dried onion in glass jarsdried onion in glass jars

Brighten It With Basil

Basil is both a dependable and memorable herb. It’s a little sweet, but it also tastes zesty and even peppery. Basil is mostly a staple for Mediterranean meals, though this doesn’t mean that you have limited options. While basil provides the finishing touch on pasta and pizza, this herb can also elevate any salad or sandwich, whether it’s chopped up in a dressing or spread or left alone as luscious leaves. You can even steep fresh basil to create your own tea, or you can pulverize with frozen fruit to concoct a homemade gelato.

Consider Chipotle Powder

If you’re craving a smoky flavor, think about adding chipotle powder to your dishes. Try stepping up your corn on the cob with a dash of this spice and a squeeze of lime juice. You can also use chipotle powder as a dry rub for your favorite meats. As you can probably imagine, your baby back ribs will taste incredible! If you want to whip up an easy and spicy mayo for burgers and sandwiches, chipotle powder is great for this as well. Lastly, don’t forget about those cooler summer nights! Chipotle powder is essential for comforting chili and soup recipes.

Cilantro Seals The Deal

Fresh and bright, cilantro is the quintessential summer herb. We’d be shocked if you weren’t already incorporating cilantro into your dishes! If not, however, you can mix it into your homemade chutneys, salsas, and guacamole, or you can use it to top your tacos. Cilantro also adds extra flavor to coleslaw and stir-fry dishes. The herb even supplies an invigorating taste to pressed juices and smoothies.

Keep Things Interesting With Cumin

Cumin is like the warm hug of spices, as it’s the earthy option that provides depth to any dish. Cumin acts as a solid foundation for fajita seasoning, and it can also hold its own when sprinkled on lamb or pork. It’s also vital for vegetarian dishes, such as black bean burgers and falafel. Plus, cumin offers a host of benefits; for instance, it’s loaded with antioxidants and is rich in iron.

Mint Makes a Difference

While mint provides numerous benefits–such as aiding cold symptoms and freshening breath–it’s a stellar addition to your food. Of course, you can muddle mint in a cocktail for a refreshing kick (hello, Mint Juleps and Mojitos!), or you may want to use it for a gorgeous garnish. Mint is also crucial for perfecting Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine; you’ll need some for kebabs, orzo salads, noodle dishes, and tandoori cooking.

Amp up the Flavor With Oregano

Oregano may be strong and even slightly bitter, but it provides the ideal amount of interest to food. Grilled fish, shrimp, and steak taste excellent with oregano, and you can also whip up a homemade chimichurri or pesto sauce with this spice. If you love to bake your own bread, try kneading some of this herb in the dough for fragrant, mouthwatering dinner rolls.

Paprika Pumps It Up

Like chipotle powder, paprika also has a hot and smoky flavor. Because of paprika’s characteristics, the spice is the perfect addition to Cajun foods, such as gumbo and jambalaya. You could also create your own delicious Cajun seasoning with paprika for beef and chicken or a scrumptious seafood boil. Finally, it’s simply the best topper for deviled eggs and hummus. When considering all the different herbs and spices for summer, paprika is an ingredient you absolutely need in your kitchen cabinet.

Though we mentioned several herbs and spices for summer, your search for new ingredients doesn’t have to stop here. We encourage you to try our Caribbean blends, which are certain to complement any summer dish. Each blend, inspired by four unique islands, offers rich, vibrant flavors. These are sure to be a hit at your next cookout or gathering!

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