3/8" Diced DeHydroBrine Hot Jalapeno

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Product Origin New Mexico, USA
Physical & Chemical Overview
Scoville/Heat Unit Medium (2,500-30,000)
pH 2.8-3.6
Standard Plate Count (CFU/g) 10,000 maximum
Yeast / Mold / Coliform (CFU/g) 100 max / 100 max /100 max
E Coli <10 CFU/g

Introducing DeHydrobrine Hot 3/8 Diced Green Jalapeño, a product that provides high-quality, flavour and heat. Made with fresh de-stemmed and washed jalapeños, these peppers have been diced into precise 3/8” x 3/8” pieces and pickled to perfection. Scientifically known as Capsicum annuum, this bulk diced jalapenos has a heat level between 3000-5000 Scoville Heat Units ensuring a flavorful kick for your dishes.

Conveniently packaged in fifty-five gallon bags for maximum freshness, the DeHydrobrine Hot Diced Jalapeño is ideal for food manufacturers looking for reliability and quality. Offering superior convenience, this product saves you time and hassle as well as reducing food waste caused by incorrect storage or outdated products. Your customers will love it while you reap the benefits of an efficient and consistent supply chain.

Start getting creative with culinary creations today with DeHydrobrine Hot 3/8 Diced Green Jalapeños – perfect for all your business needs!

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SpecificationDiced Green Jalapeno Spec
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