US Grown Farm Spotlight: Green Chiles

November 2021

Our business practices support prosperous farmers and farming systems, thriving communities and the re-generation of our soil and natural resources. By purchasing US grown spices from us, you are not only supporting the American economy, you are also investing in a more sustainable future.

Farm Spotlight: Viramontes Farms

For over three generations, Viramontes Farms in Deming, New Mexico, has been growing green chiles, onions and watermelons since the 1980’s -- using sustainable farming practices like cover crops and limited pesticide use, to improve their crop and soil health.

Cole and Jamie Viramontes' green chiles were recently recognized by The New Mexico Chile Association's one of the best in the entire state of New Mexico at The Great New Mexico Chile Taste-Off. According to the association,

"New Mexico chiles are especially desired and sought after worldwide. This is because our climate, soils and decades of farming knowledge and practices passed down through generations – growers to growers – has resulted in a uniquely satisfying fruit."

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