Summer of Spice: Four Reasons Why California Garlic is the Best in the World

Distinctive, flavorful, and packed with health benefits, garlic is widely used around the world to season countless dishes and cultural cuisines. Professional chefs and home cooks alike can attest to this plant’s ability to transform a simple recipe into an unforgettable dining experience.

Yet when it comes to garlic, not all cloves are created equal. If you’re looking for robust, unbeatable flavor, our California-grown garlic is, by far, the best on the market. Grown in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley by local farmers, Olam Spices’ garlic is carefully managed from seed to factory by our team of experts.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn why garlic grown in the golden state is unrivaled in both taste and quality.

1. The California Difference

California has some of the most stringent growing regulations and highest production standards in the world. From mandated protections for workers and the environment to frequent on-farm and processing audits to enforceable penalties if rules are not followed, California farm production is unlike any other agricultural operation in the world. When you buy bulk spices grown in California, like our Olam Spices garlic, you can be confident that each clove was produced with the highest level of food safety, both on the farm and in the processing plant.

2. When it comes to flavor, California garlic comes out on top.

California garlic is the most flavorful in the world. The natural sulfur compounds found in garlic are what drive its pungency and create that robust garlic flavor you know and love. At Olam, our range of wholesale spices includes an unparalleled offering of healthy, full-flavored garlic products to match any application — from bottle packs and seasoning blends to salad dressings, meat products, sauces, and snacks.

3. We ensure full traceability when it comes to our locally grown California garlic.

Olam Spices is a trusted, fully-integrated partner that provides complete transparency through every step of the product’s journey, from seed breeding to planting, harvesting and finished-goods processing. We eliminate risk to our customers because our California garlic is grown collaboratively with our growers on fields we directly manage in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley.

Through our sustainable sourcing program, AtSource, we provide our customers with complete transparency and easy access to environmental and social impact data throughout the production chain. The program ensures 100 percent traceability with narratives of real on-the-ground metrics, including GHG and water footprints. To find out more, visit

4. Our California garlic is backed by our heritage and long-standing agricultural expertise.

For half a century and counting, we have earned a reputation for providing quality, innovative garlic products that make us a worldwide leader.

As one of the founding members of the American Dehydrated Onion and Garlic Association (ADOGA), which is now a subcommittee of CLFP (California League of Food Producers), we were responsible for setting the industry standards, test methods and specifications which are widely used across the globe today.

California garlic has always set the gold-standard for quality worldwide, and Olam Spices is leading the way in sustaining that cherished heritage. Click here to browse our premium garlic products, including our range of organics.

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