California garlic: the most flavorful garlic in the world

The flavor of garlic is distinct. It’s what makes a fresh bagel, a savory pasta sauce or a dry steak rub so delicious, but do you know how flavorful, quality garlic should taste? Spicy, pungent and nutty or more mild and muted? 

Considering the word “flavorful,” can be subjective, we had a third-party study done to define the characteristics of “quality garlic to settle once and for all, where does the most flavorful garlic come from ⁠— California or China? 

Garlic Flavor Study

Dragonfly SCI, completed the quantitative descriptive analysis (QDA) for us, using a qualified panel of culinary experts, whose professions ranged from recipe/product development to catering/restaurant operations. 

The panel was asked to identify and measure perceived attributes associated with the following sensory parameters: appearance, aroma, flavor/basic taste, mouthfeel/texture and aftertaste/after effects. 

Each agreed quality garlic in each application should have a garlic aroma and flavor profile of roasted/caramelized garlic with some sweetness. It was also decided that quality garlic should not have a strong bitterness or aftertaste which is associated with high green flavor notes or a burning sensation in the back of the throat.

Comparing Garlic Powder: California vs China

In a blind taste test, panelists were given two samples of tomato sauce, potato chips and grilled chicken strips: one seasoned with premium garlic powder from California and one with premium garlic powder from China. 

 After comparing samples, the experts determined the recipes that used California garlic powder were more flavorful than the applications that used the Chinese variety. California garlic was found to have a higher garlic flavor, stronger aroma and higher roasted/caramelized flavor.

As the study confirmed, California garlic powder is higher in flavor and aroma compounds, which means food manufacturers and recipe developers would need to use more premium Chinese garlic to achieve the same strong aroma and carmelized flavor. 

Olam’s California garlic provides our customers many benefits: full traceability, assurance of being peanut-free, unmatched food safety and as the third-party study proved, stronger flavor profiles, which can provide significant cost savings.

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