Why Should Food Manufacturers and Restaurants Use Frozen Purées? 

Whether they’re eating a frozen entrée or dipping into the signature aioli at their favorite burger spot, consumers crave fresh flavor. So, how do food manufacturers and restaurants ensure that they get the same fresh flavor year-round?

Meet your secret weapon ingredient, GardenFrost™, Olam Spices’ proprietary line of soft-frozen, quick thaw purées.

First of all, what is a frozen purée?

Exactly what the name indicates. It’s an ingredient made from fresh vegetables that have been washed, puréed and frozen at peak freshness to preserve quality and flavor. Between our hard frozen offerings and Olam’s soft-frozen GardenFrost™ purées, we have a large variety of flavors to choose from. 

Searching for a replacement for fresh garlic? Explore our line of garlic purées. Need to add more heat to your salsa recipe? Look no further than our GardenFrost™ jalapeno purée. 

Provide fresh, convenient ingredient solutions

The use of frozen purées helps eliminate the hassle of sourcing flavorful, fresh ingredients throughout the year and the labor-intensive process of working with raw vegetables. The convenience doesn’t stop there. 

Olam’s proprietary purées are perfect for reducing operational costs. Our soft-frozen GardenFrost™ purées thaw ten times faster than the standard hard frozen purees on the market. Any last-minute production changes will no longer put you behind schedule.

Meet consumer demand for clean label products

While our classic GardenFrost™ line used cane sugar to speed up thaw times, we found that more consumers were looking for low or no added sugar products to stock in their fridges and pantries. 

Which is why our new reformulated GardenFrost™ purées offer a no sugar added option without compromising the efficiency our customers have grown to know and love. Explore our portfolio of frozen purées and request a free sample.

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