How is virus-free garlic produced?

Olam Spices’ proprietary, virus-free program helps us produce healthy, consistently delicious, non-GMO garlic. Managed by our experts from seed-to-factory, our comprehensive California grown garlic products offer full-traceability, superior flavor and unrivaled food safety.

It all begins at our research and development facility in Hanford, California, the heart of our U.S. onion and garlic operations, where we hand-select, healthy cloves of garlic to undergo meristem propagation.

From there, the shoots are allowed to multiply in sterile cultures until they’re ready to put down roots. Then they’re transferred to planting flats and kept in our greenhouse, where they are carefully observed and tended to by our experts.

The next step in the program takes the planting flats to our research farm, where the garlic is sown and grows for 8 to 9 months until it produces bulbs. 

When the bulbs are ready to be harvested, they are cracked for seed, which is then re-planted and cultivated for at least 9 years, until it is at a sufficient weight to plant in our production fields throughout California.

These years of careful tending, make Olam’s virus-free garlic one of the highest yielding garlic varieties commercially available. We are able to produce more cloves of high-quality, full-flavored garlic on fewer acres of land — minimizing our use of water, fuel, fertilizer and pesticides.

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