Specialty Chiles - What You Need to Know

April 2023

WARNING! Proceed with CAUTION. These flavors are HOT HOT HOT. 


In recent years restaurants, retailers, and CPG companies have been eager to meet the flavor (and heat) demands of a constantly changing American palate. As consumers flavor desires change, companies are challenged to source these new on trend ingredients. Pasilla, Aji Amarillo, Smoked Paprika, Guajillo and Green Chile are just a few ingredients that companies around the country are using to create exciting new products. Keep reading to learn more about how these ingredients can help make your innovation stand out from the rest

multiple dried chilesmultiple dried chiles

With over 4,000 different varieties grown around the world, there is an abundance of options when it comes to choosing which chili pepper you want to use in your recipe or product. Some of the most popular choices include Pasilla chile peppers —which have an earthy flavor—and Aji Amarillo—a sweet and fruity pepper with a mild heat level. These peppers can be found on menus in restaurants across the country as well as innovative, on-trend brands nationwide. 

Smoked paprika is another popular choice for adding flavor without too much heat. Another favorite is Guajillo chiles which have a mild-medium heat level and slightly sweet flavor. Finally, Hatch Green Chile is one of the most versatile types; it can be used as a base for sauces or added to soups and stews for extra flavor. These flavors are being offered up in trendy restaurants and specialty grocers giving consumers options in place of the more traditional Chipotle, Ancho and Green Chile.  

Chiles for Every Palate

Keeping up with changing food trends doesn't have to be difficult if you know what ingredients are trending at any given time - especially when it comes to chili peppers. With so many different varieties available there's something out there for every type of palate - whether you're looking for something mild like Pasilla chiles or something bolder like Scorpion peppers. Spice up your menu today by utilizing these on-trend ingredients and see how much customers love your new creations! 

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