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Know More About Cocoa Liquors

What Are Cocoa Liquors?

Differentiated by area of origin and bean roast levels, cocoa liquors are made from cocoa beans that have been dried, fermented, and roasted. The inner ‘nib’ is then separated from the outer shell of the bean and ground to create cocoa liquor. This liquor, or mass, has the consistency of melted chocolate and solidifies as it cools. The cocoa mass is pressed to separate the butter, and cocoa ‘cake’ which is ground into powder. Cocoa liquor is sold in a solid form and does not contain alcohol. It is different from cocoa liqueur, which is an alcoholic beverage.

What Are Common Uses for Cocoa Liquors?

Cocoa liquors are a key ingredient in many applications, including milk and dark chocolate production to give chocolate bars their rich and unique flavor and texture. And with cocoa liquors’ robust and intense cocoa flavor, they create delicious baking, beverage, and confectionery products, and are excellent additions to fillings, ice creams, and spreads.

Why Purchase Cocoa Liquors Through deZaan?

Our cocoa liquors have been crafted from different origins and roast levels, using over 110 years of cocoa expertise. We prioritize sustainable cultivation and production processes, and ensure we continue to refine our ingredient solutions to deliver quality products. Read more about our sustainability ambition in our latest Cocoa Compass report. Through deZaan’s technology and innovations, our solutions support customer and consumer needs globally. Our bulk cocoa liquor products boast the rich smoothness required to manufacture chocolate confections and more. Click here for a free sample to explore the indulgent functionality of deZaan cocoa liquor in your next innovation!

How Can I Purchase Your Bulk Cocoa Liquor?

We offer our cocoa liquors in full pallets, which can be ordered online. Simply sign in or create an account to buy cocoa liquor in bulk. Have questions regarding our cocoa or other ingredient solutions? Contact our team of experts now.

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