April 2022

olam food Ingredients (ofi) is one of the largest dried onion producers in the world. We control our process from seed to factory to ensure the highest food safety and quality standards. Food safety is top of mind now more than ever. Conventional food safety interventions can degrade the nutrition and the quality of food.

To meet today’s ever-growing consumer expectations, we want to provide the highest level of food quality, safety and nutrition to our customers. This is why we partnered with Neo-Pure, an innovative organic pasteurization technology developed by Agri-Neo, to further enhance food safety.

What is Neo-Pure? 

Neo-Pure is our latest food safety solution. It is a validated, organic pasteurization technology developed by Agri-Neo that uses a unique blend of organic actives to provide broad-spectrum inactivation of harmful organisms such as pathogens, yeast, mold, coliforms and other indicator microorganisms. It is a low-molecular-weight compound and can easily pass-through cell walls and membranes of harmful bacteria, whereupon it is able to react with internal cellular components, such as enzymes, proteins, and DNA, leading to cell death. The active components are organic acids that are widely used in other food categories such as meat, poultry and fresh vegetables.

The compact footprint and low energy requirement of Neo-Pure make it the most ecological and sustainable food safety technology. By seamlessly integrating it into our production process, Neo-Pure enables us to consistently deliver superior product quality and best-in-class service to our customers.

How does Neo-Pure work?

  • Food Entry: Loss-in-weight system precisely meters dried onions and carries them to the applicator.
  • Application: The applicator mists the Neo-Pure Organic Solution onto the onions and gently rotates them for uniform coverage.
  • Drying: The solution biodegrades, and the vibratory fluidized bed dryer removes surface moisture at low temperature.
  • Food Discharge: Onions exit the dryer and are transferred for milling.

How does Neo-Pure impact the end product?

Since Neo-Pure Pasteurization (NPP) does not rely on chemical gases or high temperatures, the natural aroma, texture, and taste of our onions remain unchanged, just as nature intended. Neo-Pure Pasteurization (NPP) delivers high-quality results by maintaining the internal temperature of the onions throughout the process. The Neo-Pure Organic Solution biodegrades immediately after it is misted onto the onions.

The drying process uses a concept known as evaporative cooling to maintain food quality. It works like a hand dryer in which the warm air only removes the surface moisture without damaging your skin or hands.

Is Neo-Pure approved and certified?

The Neo-Pure Organic Solution is approved by the U.S. FDA and Health Canada as a processing aid. Therefore, labeling on the product is not required. It is also certified organic to the U.S. National Organic Program and Canada Organic Regime standards. Neo-Pure Pasteurized (NPP) products remain organic post-treatment. It is also certified Kosher and Halal.

ofi’s vertically integrated supply chain uniquely positions us to ensure the highest food safety and quality assurance standards. Our partnership with Neo-Pure brings together our farming, processing, and food safety expertise to further address the ever-growing market demand for enhanced food safety and transparency. Neo-Pure Pasteurized (NPP) onions demonstrate our continuous effort to deliver value-added food ingredients and solutions to our customers.

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