National Snack Food Month

February 2023

February is National Snack Food Month! What better way to celebrate than with a discussion about the booming snack industry? From popcorn to nuts to chips made with natural ingredients—the options are seemingly endless! It’s clear that Americans love their snacks, with sales making up almost a third of global sales. But why are we so into snacking? Let’s find out!

Why Consumers Love Snacks

Taste is the primary reason for eating snacks, but there are other factors that contribute to our snacking choices as well. According to a report from Innova Market Insights, popcorn is the fastest growing subcategory of snacks. Potato and corn chips, as well as snack nuts, are some of the most frequently eaten snacks in North America.

In fact, 33% of new snack launches in 2021-2022 feature spices, seeds, nuts or vegetable flavors – an indication that US consumers prefer more intense flavor profiles. In addition to taste, top claims on snack products include real ingredients/natural and no artificial flavors/colors.

The Future of Snacking

Snacking isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but it is changing. Salt usage has decreased slightly, while chili usage has increased. This suggests an overall shift towards healthier options without sacrificing flavor.

With Americans spending over $40 billion on retail snacks last year alone – not to mention an increasing demand for intense flavor profiles – it's safe to say that snacking will remain a popular pastime for years to come.

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