Meet the Team: Berkley

November 2022

Tell us about yourself: your name, background, relevant experience, how many years you’ve been with the company or in the industry. 

My name is Brian Berkley and I from the great city of Compton, California. Prior to joining ofi I was in the United States Army, there I developed the skills of working with a team of individuals from different backgrounds. I have been with ofi for over a year now. 

What is your role at ofi Spices and what does your day-to-day look like?

My role with eCommerce is customer support. My day starts off with me moderating HubSpot and Voxie. There I answer customer inquiries from product, order status and document requests. While at the same time order input.  

Do you have a customer success story that you feel proud to have been part of

The city where I grew up, there is this restaurant that I always go to when I am in town. I came to find out that they are a customer of ofi, so next time I was in town I went to talk to the owner and convinced him to purchase other products on 

Why should businesses buy from Why would it benefit them?

Businesses should buy from us because we can track each product back from seed to factory. This gives our customer assurance that the product they are sourcing is being well managed.

Is there a ofi Spices product you would call your favorite?

My favorite spice product is the Garlic Minced. I pretty much use it in everything when cooking because how well it blends with other ingredients.

Saving the spicy questions for last, what is your preferred level of spice in Scoville heat units (SHU) and what chile pepper would that be? 

Scorpion pepper will have to be my preferred spice because it is just the right level of heat with my famous fried shrimp I cook at home.

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