Why Should Specific Industries Choose ofi When Choosing a Spice Distributor?

December 2023

At ofi, we serve a variety of industries, from bakeries to meal kit services to snacks. If you’re in any of the following industries, we wanted to share even more specific, quick tips for choosing a spice supplier in addition to the tips provided in our previous blog. In this guide, we'll break down
six industries and why those industries should choose ofi as their spices supplier. 

dried onion in glass jarsdried onion in glass jars

1. Why should Bakeries choose ofi?

  • Check for transparent and detailed allergen information: ofi provides documents online so all the information you need is available at your fingertips.
  • It’s never too early to start planning for seasonal treats. Our year-round supply of spices allows you to get what you want, when you need it. Have a last minute request? Our floor stock options allow you to navigate unintended challenges.
  • Whether you’re looking for sweet or savory, make sure you stay ahead of the trends. Our blogs provide insight into what’s trending and our worldwide innovation teams are ready to help you create the next big thing. 

2. Why should Condiments, Sauces, and Soup companies choose ofi?

  • Does the spice manufacturer offer a range of spices to keep up with your offerings? New ingredients and flavors will only help your business grow and we’re constantly re-stocking our inventory that goes great in sauces and soups!
  • If you're looking to create a homogeneous product, you may want to stick with powders that will blend with other ingredients. If you are looking for a product with piece identity, you will want a larger piece size. Talk to one of our experts if you have questions.
  • You’ll want to consider the product packaging when formulating your product and purchasing ingredients. If the container has a nozzle lid, powders and granules may be preferred to larger piece sizes to ensure the end customer can squeeze out the product without hassle. 

3. Why should Beverage companies choose ofi?

  • Different beverages require specific flavor profiles. Ensure your supplier can customize spice orders and provide a range of spices to complement your desired flavors.
  • ofi stocks different cut sizes of products so you can get exactly what your recipe calls for, from tea-cut pieces to powders.
  • The beverage industry is constantly changing and evolving with new flavors. Our experts stay on trend with the latest trends in the beverage industry so you’re prepared and stocked up with the flavors customers are enjoying! 

4. Why should Meat and Plant Protein companies choose ofi?

  • Companies with vertical integration can be advantageous as they are closer to the source and may have additional expertise.
  • Check on the sustainability and carbon footprint of your spice supplier, as the meat industry is already known for having a large carbon footprint.
  • You will want to consider what treatments may be required for the ingredients that you purchase, depending on the processing of the product your company creates. Ofi offers options such as irradiated or NPP products that can fulfill your treatment goals.
  • Consumers may be looking for familiar flavors when trying alternative proteins that they may not be familiar with. Our team can help you create custom blends that meet your flavor goals. 

5. Why should Meal Kit companies choose ofi?

  • Customers who order meal kits are seeking easy ways to cook fresh meals. If your supplier’s spices aren’t fresh, your meal kit ingredients won’t be either. Ensure you’re receiving top-notch, fresh ingredients from spice manufacturers like our spice ingredients here at ofi!
  • Does the supplier package spices in a way that’s easy for you to incorporate into your meal kits? This element can save time and money. Our capabilities allow us to create blends for you in bulk packaging or individual serving sizes for meal kits. Want to discuss our co-packing capabilities further? Set up a call here.  
  • With many consumers having an “on-the-go” daily lifestyle, pre-packaged meals and/or meal kits are extremely important. But who said they have to be boring or not flavorful? We have the spices you need to make sure these packaged foods don’t lack flavor and taste as fresh as can be!

6. Why should Snack Food companies choose ofi?

  • Delivering tasty snacks to customers means getting high-quality spices from your supplier. Inquire with them about how their spices enhance your snack foods.
  • Check for suppliers who support sustainability as a unique selling point to your customers.
  • Our global innovation teams allow us to be at the forefront of what’s trending around the world and help you stay ahead of upcoming trends. 

 Ready to shop high-quality bulk spices and herbs? Want to learn more about how ofi can supply top-notch, flavorful spices in your industry? Learn more about ofi Spices, and visit our Help Center for additional information. You can also reach out to our team with any questions or concerns!

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