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Know More About Organic Cocoa

What Makes deZaan Organic Different Than Non-Organic Cocoa Ingredients?

Premium deZaan Master O1 organic cocoa powder boasts consistent color, fine texture, and rich chocolate notes, with significantly fewer off-flavors than basic organic powders. deZaan Astra O Organic deodorized cocoa butter has a neutral flavor and silky texture with versatile functionality. deZaan is committed to sustainability and traceability. Both our certified* organic and non-organic cocoa ingredients offer the same excellent functionality, flavor, color, and mouthfeel to help our customers achieve the same great outcome in recipes, every time. However, our organic cocoa powder and butter solutions are created under the requirements of key certifications* and with a fully segregated and certified supply chain, to ensure organic traceability. Our customers can rely on these certifications* to meet consumer interest when creating organic products. 


*Certifications available upon request


What is the Cultivation Process for deZaan Organic Cocoa Ingredients?

We recently launched our first 100% segregated organic coca range. We have been pioneering premium cocoa ingredients for over 110 years and wanted to use our expertise to take that one step further and bring our customers high-quality organic products. A great deal of time was spent to develop the range; from searching for the right quality of organic beans from the right origin to experimenting with processing and blends to deliver stand-out consistency and premium quality. With none of the ‘off’ flavors you might get with some organic products, deZaan Master O1 organic cocoa powder and pure prime-pressed Astra O organic cocoa butter, are expertly crafted. The cocoa beans are carefully traced through the supply chain to ensure the integrity of the organic certification.

How To Use Our Organic Cocoa Powder?

One of the most common uses of deZaan Master O1 organic cocoa powder is to achieve a final product with organic certification. Cocoa powder is a versatile ingredient used in various culinary applications for color, flavor, mouthfeel, and aroma. It is used in baking where it adds a rich chocolate flavor to cakes, cookies, brownies, snack bars, and other sweet bakery items; is an essential component in chocolate beverages such as hot cocoa, chocolate milk, smoothies, protein shakes, and plant-based milk; and confectionery like chocolate bars & truffles, providing a velvety indulgent texture and a delightful taste. It can even be added to savory dishes, such as chili or mole sauce, to enhance their complex flavors and add a hint of bitterness. Finally, cocoa powder is a natural food coloring, for a deep brown hue across applications, and can help mask the taste of certain ingredients if desired. Click here for a free sample to explore the indulgent functionality of deZaan cocoa powders in your next innovation

How To Use Our Organic Cocoa Butter?

deZaan pure, prime-pressed organic Astra O deodorized cocoa butter boasts a rich silkiness, with a neutral flavor and odor, to create and manufacture your signature chocolate, confections, cosmetics, and more. Click here for a free sample to explore the smooth functionality of deZaan organic cocoa butter in your next innovation!

Why Buy Bulk deZaan Organic Cocoa Ingredients?

With over 110 years of cocoa expertise, we continue to refine our ingredients to ensure our customers all over the world can create quality products for their specific applications. When you buy bulk deZaan organic cocoa ingredients, you are supporting an industry-leading organization with sustainable cultivation and production processes. We set challenging goals to support farmer livelihoods, put children first, and protect nature. See full details in our Cocoa Compass report. Click here for a free sample to explore the indulgent functionality of deZaan cocoa powders in your next innovation!

How Can I Purchase deZaan Organic Cocoa in Bulk?

To purchase bulk deZaan Master O1 organic cocoa powder, or deZaan pure prime-pressed, deodorized organic Astra O cocoa butter, simply sign in or create an account now. Available in full pallets, explore the innovation possibilities with our indulgent and versatile organic cocoa solutions. We’re here to help: contact our team of cocoa experts with any questions.

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