Granulated Garlic vs. Garlic Powder

When cooking with dried garlic products, you may have wondered when to choose garlic powder and when to choose granulated garlic. The short answer is, it depends. Here are a few factors to consider when cooking with this flavorful spice.

Benefits of Using Granulated Garlic

One of the main advantages of granulated garlic is how seamlessly it combines with liquids. It has the consistency of table salt, which makes it less likely for the garlic to clump in a recipe where you would use garlic as a main ingredient, such as marinara sauce or chicken broth. 

Granulated garlic is also the top choice for dry rubs and marinades, as it has the ability to combine evenly with the other dry ingredients. However, if your recipe calls for the ingredients to be more homogeneous, you should stay away from granulated garlic and instead opt for powder. 

How long does granulated garlic last

While granulated garlic doesn’t “go bad” per se, it remains in its best state for two to three years. If you notice your granulated garlic lacks its usual taste or smell, don’t continue using it.

Where to buy granulated garlic

Quality granulated garlic will come from reputable spice suppliers. You can purchase this type of garlic through your local stores or online.

Benefits of Garlic Powder

While there are many advantages of garlic powder, the one that tops the list is that it has the capability to mix discreetly into recipes while still bringing flavor. Garlic powder is also better for recipes with shorter cooking time, such as ranch dressing or garlic aioli, as it releases a more potent punch of flavor in a shorter amount of time.

How long does garlic powder last

Because garlic powder is incredibly versatile, you’ll–of course–want to keep plenty on hand. Nonetheless, checking the expiration dates on these is critical. When stored properly, garlic powder should last for three to four years.

Where to buy garlic powder

Like granulated garlic, consider buying your garlic powder from dependable sources. Whether you prefer to purchase in-store or online, look for retailers who prioritize quality products.

Substituting Dried Garlic for Fresh

If you’re cooking a dish that calls for fresh garlic but you’re in a time pinch, dried garlic can be a great substitute. It has a longer shelf-life, it doesn’t need to be cleaned or prepared and it still gives off the delicious flavor and aroma of garlic.

Substituting with granulated garlic

Granulated garlic is usually the preferred piece identity when substituting for fresh. When you have it handy, you can use ½ teaspoon of granulated garlic for every 1 clove the recipe calls for. This is a simple, time saving switch.

Substituting with garlic powder

If your recipe calls for granulated garlic but you only have garlic powder or vice versa, you can use the two interchangeably. It is important to note that if the original recipe calls for granulated garlic, you may want to use half the amount of garlic powder as the finer grind will pack a stronger punch per teaspoon.

Can You Use Garlic Salt Instead Of Garlic Powder?

You may be curious about other alternatives. You cannot use garlic salt if your recipe calls for garlic powder. Keep in mind, however, that you can use granulated garlic as a substitute for garlic salt. Just don’t use too much, as you want to avoid creating a dish that’s too salty.

No matter which dried garlic product you choose, your savory recipes will definitely benefit from the unmatched flavor of ofi’s California garlic. Ready to taste the gold standard of garlic? Explore our garlic portfolio and request a free sample, today.

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